Achieving the Fastest Lap Times


Achieving the Fastest Lap Times

Putting all of the pieces together to get the most out of your resources and momentum is key.

In this article we’ll give some tips on how and when to use your boost and fusion to make the most of your resources to achieve top speed, and set the fastest lap times.

  • Boost is a kick of horsepower which you can activate at any time
  • Fusion is the ultimate acceleration which is 60% more powerful than fully upgraded Boost
  • Starting and finishing a race with Fusion is the only way to achieve the fastest possible lap times

Watch the PAX 2020 AMA interview for the full discussion including an intro intro to Boost and Fusion followed by top speed tips.

Achieving top speed

To achieve the fastest possible speeds, using alternating Boost and Fusion is essential to keep on building on your momentum. 

You’ll want to upgrade your boosters to Stage 3 for the highest power output, along with capacitor storage and ERS (energy recovery), so that you can keep on feeding your booster’s energy.

Accelerate and boost (while keeping clean racing lines) to get as much momentum as you can, and then ignite Fusion to take your speed to the next level. Once your Plasma runs out, you’ll want to jump straight back onto your boosters again to maintain your fusion momentum.

You're going to want your vehicle to be nice and stable while jumping - Avoid messing up to avoid reset time penalties

All about power...

Energy vs Plasma / Boost vs Fusion – What’s the difference?

Learning how to manage your energy resources is a crucial element of your racing strategy and is essential for victory. In this article we explain the differences between the two main resources (Energy and Plasma) and the two speed thrusts available, Boost and Fusion, then give some tips on how and when to use them for maximum speed.

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Achieving fast lap times

To set the fastest possible lap times, you’ll want to be using Fusion before you start your flying lap (to get your momentum up) and then use it again towards the end of the lap to blast yourself over the line.

Depending on the track, this might look something like this:

  1. Ignite Fusion around 4 – 6 seconds before the start / finish line, so that you have heaps of momentum before you start your flying lap
  2. Use boost in the middle of your lap
  3. Ignite Fusion again as soon as your Plasma is full (ideally around 10 – 15 seconds before the finish line), to get your speed back up again

Keep in mind that when you’re travelling at above Mach 1, your lines are going to change because of how much speed you’ll be carrying, so you’re going to want to adapt to that and use different lines. 

Try to keep off the brakes and beware of any unnecessary steering, to avoid wiping off speed.



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